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The Guitar Conference Band was created in 2009 as a showcase for some of the world’s top Jazz guitar players to meet on stage and exchange musical ideas on a free and relaxed way.

Jazz guitarists form a special community in within the world of Jazz musicians: there is a strong sense of fraternity between them, and they often meet privately to just play and share ideas: the informal guitar-jam-sessions at George Benson’s home
studio, although not known by the general public, are legendary amongst guitar players.

The purpose of this project is to recreate this unique musical experience – held, so far, on a private way – in front of an audience. Therefore, The Guitar Conference Band does not have a steady line-up: producer Jordi Suñol calls on different
instrumentalists to see “who they want to play with“, and puts the band together according to musical compatibility criteria.

Some of the world’s greatest Jazz-guitar players have already contributed to this project: Philip Catherine, Larry Coryell, Chuck Loeb, Pat Martino, Russell Malone, Ulf Wakenius, Mark Whitfield and Christian Escoudé are amongst the best known.