Joshua Ginsburg


Josh Ginsburg was born in Baltimore, Maryland, where he absorbed some of that city’s musical roots. “I think there was a rhythmic intensity that I learned in Baltimore from the very beginning, as well as a deep love of the jazz tradition.” Josh went on to study with jazz trailblazer Jackie McLean: “From Mr. McLean I learned the value and beauty of melody and lyricism. But even more importantly through him, and through the many great musicians I have worked with over the years, I began to see what I value the most in all my musical experiences, the open-hearted spirit of a true improvisor.”

Ginsburg is a regular fixture on the world’s concert stages and jazz clubs. His music has been described as “vigorously fresh” (Irish Times) and “reveal(ing) itself in gradually unfolding layers” (JazzTimes); his album as a leader, “Zembla Variations”, was chosen as an Album of the Year by the New York City Jazz Record. Josh’s bass playing, Financial Times (London) writes, is “a rock of counterpoint, funk and swing”

In the past few years, Josh has toured internationally with bands led by Kurt Rosenwinkel, David Friedman, Jeremy Pelt, E.J. Strickland, George Colligan, Jure Pukl, Logan Richardson, Diego Piñera, Tino Derado, Aruán Ortiz and Jesse Davis, among others. He has also accompanied world class singers like Nnenna Freelon or Mary Stallings. As a first call freelance musician both in the US and Europe, he has regularly performed with countless influential musicians.